We operate the website www.vistadigital.co.uk. We are Vista Digital Group Limited, a company registered in England and Wales under company  number 09999889 and with our registered office 129 Woodplumpton Road, Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 3LF. Our VAT number is ; 233 7113 36

We at Vistadigital are passionate about producing the highest quality onepiece wall murals. We use the latest printing technologies that allow us to achieve the highest industry standards possible. We invest heavily in developing our website to give the user a very enjoyable experience while navigating the user interface. Whilst we try to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices that appear on our website are correct, some errors may occur. In the event of a mistake, we reserve the right to change the listed price without prior notice. All prices are in Sterling. Delivery charges are additional. For further information see the Delivery section.

Cancellation and Refund

1.1 - In the unlikely event that a problem occurs with your order, we will provide you with a refund or replacement at the earliest convenience. However, there are a few things stated below that we are unable to provide a refund or replacement for:

1.2 - Bespoke orders cannot be changed once the designs have been printed. Wall dimensions entered at the order customisation page are deemed to be correct and will correspond with the print measurements. If the product does not fit, no refund will be given as the company cannot be held accountable for incorrect measurements provided by the customer.

1.3 - As soon as the order is received and processed, you will be unable to change any aspects relating to the purchase.

1.4 - In the unlikely event that your wallpaper has not been delivered and/or damaged or missing by the courier, we reserve the right to refund only after our courier has investigated and refunded Vistadigital before refunding you, the consumer.

1.5 - On receiving the goods, it is crucial that you check that there is no visible damage to the packaging. Vistadigital can only refund or replace damaged goods if the courier has been notified on delivery. Please retain all relevant information of the damage to the goods and its packaging so we can then make an insurance claim towards our courier service.

1.6 - When in receipt and opening the product, please carefully check the order for any print defects. We operate a quality control procedure and it is extremely unlikely for a product to be shipped with any printing defect.

1.7 It may be possible to scratch or mark the wallpaper if not handled in a careful manner. We cannot refund or replace goods that are scratched or marked. All goods are photographed for quality insurances to cover Vistadigital.

1.8 - It is important that customers follow the installation guide provided in order to ensure the wallpaper is installed correctly. If the installation guide is not followed and the wallpaper has been installed incorrectly, Vistadigital cannot be held liable for an incorrect installation, nor can it offer any refund for incorrect installation.

1.9 - All wallpapers are printed slightly larger than the sizes entered at the order customisation page, this is to ensure a quality fit. We cannot refund or reproduce any custom wallpaper due to size issues.

1.10 - Vistadigital cannot be held responsible for images uploaded and/or cropped on our website. All images are automatically processed and sent to production. As a result, it is required by all customers to ensure that dimension entered are correct and the crop tool is used correctly to adjust the image as seen fit.

1.11 - Before wallpaper is printed, the image is enlarged and can mean that pixelation or mottled effects can occur. We highly recommend requesting a sample if you are unsure of the image quality. We cannot refund or reprint wallpapers due to these effects.

1.12 - Computer monitors vary and will show different colour variations to the actual print that you receive. Due to this matter we are unable to refund or reprint.

1.13 - In the unlikely event of a printing error passing quality control a refund or replacement order will be issued at the earliest convenience.


2.1 If the customer or a non-Approved Vistadigital installer is used and damage occurs to the product or to the installation area during the process of fitting the wallpaper these are the sole responsibility of the customer.

2.2 If the customer or a non-Approved Vistadigital installer is installing then they are responsible for ensuring that the wallpaper is correctly installed. Any damage e.g. rips, tears, cuts that occur during the hanging process are solely the responsibility of the customer or non-Approved Vistadigital installer.

2.3 - Similarly, any damage that occurs due to incorrect installation or poorly prepared wall surfaces is also the responsibility of the customer or non-Approved Vistadigital installer.

2.4 - It is possible to install the Vistadigital onepiece wall mural yourself, we do however suggest that you contact us to obtain contact details for a Vistadigital Approved installer will be able to hang the product on your behalf.

2.5 - Each wall mural comes with a 40 to 50 mm bleed area along all edges which will need to be trimmed during installation. Any damage resulting from this process is the sole responsibility of the customer or non-Approved Vistadigital installer.


Uploaded images

3.1 - Vistadigital cannot be held responsible for any copyright infringement resulting from uploaded images. The use of any uploaded images are the responsibility of the customer and it is assumed that full permission has been granted for the use of the image.

3.2 - If there is any doubt as to the copyright of an image we suggest that you do not upload it for the purpose of creating a customised product.

3.3 - All images, artwork or designs will be printed as supplied to us.

3.4 - Vistadigital cannot be held responsible for any distorted, fuzzy or pixelated products resulting from images and/or designs uploaded by the customer.

3.5 - There may occasionally be a variation in colour between the image uploaded by the customer and the finished product. This variation in colour is caused by the difference between colours displayed on computer screens and printed colours. We cannot provide a refund for any variation in tone.


4.1 - Delivery of your product within the UK is currently £15.00

4.2 - Delivery of your product is via a local courier and we aim to deliver your product within 7 to 10 working days of your order. In exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to deliver your product within 14 working days. This may be because we have a large amount of orders to process or because of more time consuming customised wallpapers.

4.3 - All delivery times are approximate.

4.4 - We have no liability to you in the event that the delivery of your order is delayed due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including, but not limited to, strikes or other industrial action, fire, flood, explosion etc.

4.5 - We take every care to ensure that your product reaches you in a good condition. In the unlikely event that your order is damaged in transit, the customer is within their rights to ask for a full refund.

4.6 - Goods damaged in transit should be reported immediately. In the unlikely event that your product is damaged in transit, you should mark the delivery note Damaged on Arrival. If the delivery note is not marked, we cannot be held responsible for the damaged product.


5.1 - By uploading an image to our website, you are handing copyright to Vistadigital You are giving us the right to reprint the image at any given time.

5.2 - Many of the images displayed on Vistadigital have been uploaded via previous customers who have granted us permission to re-use or reproduce.

5.3 - Some of the images on Vistadigital are supplied 123RF, where we have purchased the rights to re-use.

5.5 - We by no means claim to own copyright to any of the images displayed on vistadigital.co.uk. If you see any images displayed on our website that are a concern of copyright, please contact us as we will remove them at the earliest convenience.


6.1 - At Vistadigital we are passionate about providing the user with a streamlined ordering process and a simple to use interface.

6.2 - We use cookies to help assist the use of the site. Cookies are used to store personal data. When revisiting the site, we use cookies to recognise the customer and provide them with relevant information.